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GREENRUSH VANCOUVER’s mission is to provide safe, friendly, and secure access to premium quality recreational and medical use cannabis products. We also aim to educate people about cannabis as a tool for wellness, and help forge smarter global cannabis policies.

GREENRUSH VANCOUVER is an online marketplace and technology platform that provides access to cannabis through safe and convenient delivery. GREENRUSH VANCOUVER technology helps local cannabis consumers order on-demand delivery, and our online marketplace gives consumers a seamless e-commerce experience alongside information on product selection and safe consumption methods.


GREENRUSH VANCOUVER believes a successful, legal cannabis market can help address some of the biggest problems facing Canada and supports social and economic initiatives around key issues important to the cannabis community. From clearing criminal records to helping veterans, to fighting for compassionate care, to helping other cannabis businesses thrive, we work to embody the values of increasing access, supporting patients, and addressing the harm caused by archaic drug laws around the globe.


GREENRUSH VANCOUVER educates consumers about cannabis products and sensible use while ensuring safe, dependable delivery. Prior to placing an order on GREENRUSH VANCOUVER’s platform, customers are required to provide valid proof of ID, then orders are routed to one of GREENRUSH VANCOUVER’s local partners. GREENRUSH VANCOUVER works exclusively with top companies and all deliveries are made by background-checked drivers and operators who verify the customer’s ID for a second time during delivery. GREENRUSH VANCOUVER strives to be a safe and to be a safe and trustworthy platform and we have a Code of Conduct to help ensure good experiences for customers, partners, and drivers. 


GREENRUSH VANCOUVER could not exist without our customers, which are the absolute best there is. For those medical patients who cannot make it to a physical dispensary, we are proud to be able to bring the dispensary to you. The same goes for our recreational client, we applaud your choice of discretion and safety when it comes to the procurement of cannabis. We trust each and every one of our clients to do the right thing and protect young children from exposure to cannabis in any way, and to make responsible decisions with regards to your own consumption. We thank each and every one of you for your support. It hasn’t been easy. But we are getting there.

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