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Affordable Same day Weed Delivery West Vancouver

Recent changes in the law mean that we are now glad to offer you a reliable and efficient Same Day Weed Delivery West Vancouver that allows you to legally buy weed online. You don’t have to step foot in a cannabis store again! Just place your order at the Greenrush Vancouver website, sit back and relax. You will get same-day weed delivery West Vancouver.

Your local Greenrush Vancouver store is available for delivery and clicks and collects options at your convenience 24/7 days a week.

Delivery time is 1 to 2 hours that may vary depending on your location and package. However, we aim to deliver your purchases in an hour after ordering.

Previously, Weed Delivery West Vancouver services were limited to click and collector only, meaning you have to visit chosen dispensary at a designated time slot to get your order. The change in the laws means now, you can benefit from a range of different delivery and pick options as per your needs.

Only adults are allowed to accept the same-day weed delivery West Vancouver, and anyone under the age of 19 must have two ID proofs. Recipients do not need to be inhabitants of the delivery address to get your products, but they have to provide names and signatures.

Choosing a Same Day Weed Delivery West Vancouver

Suppose you are in West Vancouver, Canada. In that case, you can grab the benefit from the experience and expertise. Our fully trained and experienced staff offers you reliable cannabis-related products. We pride ourselves on being able to answer your queries and providing the best advice.

We have the best trusted and reliable producers to ensure that you get the best weed delivery West Vancouver. Whether it is your first time shopping for legal weed or looking for a new experience and requires guidance to discover fresh cannabis flowers, we are here to help you.

All you have to do is to visit our weed delivery website online, make your purchase and you will get same-day weed delivery West Vancouver. You need to give your valid ID and credit card to receive your weed delivery. If delivery isn’t available timely, speak to Greenrush Vancouver. Order online, and when your order is ready, you will get smooth same-day weed delivery West Vancouver.

West Vancouver Weed Delivery

Get your favourite cannabis products delivered to your doorstep in just 60 minutes! Browse cannabis products, and checkout using the payment method of your choice (cash on delivery or email transfer money for same day weed delivery West Vancouver).


Our flower options are one of the most popular and in-demand cannabis products available in West Vancouver. Whether you’re looking for the perfect bud to smoke or need to try something new, Greenrush Vancouver got you covered.


No time to roll your J? Pre-rolls are small, pre-weighed joints available in various sizes and strains. They are pre-rolled so all you have to do is to light up and enjoy! The benefit of buying them is easy.


We have a vast range of vaporizers for weed, hash oil and dry herbs that are efficient and durable. Our dispensary offers cartridges, pods and disposables from leading brands.


Cannabis concentrates are plant extract that is processed leaving behind cannabinoids with unique qualities. Some of the most common cannabis concentrates are available in the form of oil, shatter, wax, rosin, diamonds or hash. Concentrates can be smoked in pipe or bong, vaporized using a vape pen, eaten as an edible or even made into topical creams causing aches and pains.


Edibles are popular for their unique ability to deliver a discrete, taste and have long-lasting effects. Now that Canada has legalized weed for recreational use, we have a wide range of chocolates, gummies, and capsules in West Vancouver weed deliveries.

Weed Accessories

Need some weed accessories along with other cannabis products? Shop our papers, rolling supplies, batteries and glassware to complete your purchase and enhance your cannabis experience. Whether you are a first-time smoker or an experienced enthusiast, we have everything to meet your requirements.

Who We Are

Greenrush Vancouver is an online marketplace and technology platform that provides an immersive experience to customers for same day weed delivery West Vancouver. We offer one-of-a-kind destinations for high-quality cannabis products, both offline and online.

Our mission is to provide a safe weed delivery West Vancouver. Our safe, friendly, and secure access to premium quality recreational and medical will amaze you.

Greenrush Vancouver strives to provide an encouraging experience through its outstanding consumer service, which means establishing long-term relationships with our customers by going above and beyond their expectations.

Why Choose

Greenrush Vancouver is a cannabis mobile dispensary that offers reliable same day weed delivery West Vancouver. We believe that marijuana has plenty of benefits and work hard to offer our community fine quality cannabis products at a reasonable price.

Free Same-Day Weed Delivery

Could it be said that you are burnt out on all those pesky delivery charges? Get FREE weed delivery West Vancouver. We ensure conveyance or your cashback! So request now and get your order carried right to your doorstep in just a few hours.

First-class Service

Our main goal is to give a positive client experience to every user of our site. Don’t simply blindly trust us and see what the neighbourhood pot local area needs to say. We are one of the leading mobile dispensaries in Vancouver.

Premium Cannabis Products

We have the best weed strains, edibles, concentrates, vapes, and magic mushroom items obtained from the BC’s top cannabis farmers and producers. Our items are hand-chosen and widely tried to guarantee simply the best things are made accessible.

Low Prices and Fantastic Deals

At Greenrush Vancouver, it is vital to assist our clients with setting aside their well-deserved cash by offering reasonable costs and numerous deals open doors. Get 15 10% off all orders over $150 using codesave10. Best Price Guaranteed and get $6 Delivery on all orders now!

Safe & Secure Transactions

The transaction is done securely and safely. All the information collected will be confidential, and all packages will be delivered in discreet packages. Protecting your information is our priority as we have several systems to ensure your data is kept safe.
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