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Knockout Kush


Effects & THC Concentration
KO Kush boasts a massive average THC level ranging from 18-25%. This strain is super dank and is associated with a heavily sedating high and pure healing properties. Like the name may suggest, KO Kush has extreme knock out potential. The high begins like most kush strains, with an intense, stoned body-buzz, followed by insatiable munchies and a giggly, cheerful mood. As the high lingers on, and with larger doses or heavier intake, the high transforms into a heightened indica high, molding you into the couch, and putting users into a deep, relaxed state. KO Kush is recommended for people looking to treat heavy chronic pain, lack of appetite and insomnia.

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KO Kush is a rare indica strain created by the respected Heavyweight Seeds, by crossing the dank Herijuana with the underground favourite, Killa Kush. Heavyweight Seeds is most well-known for creating some of the most potent genetics in the industry – and this strain is no exception to that. This indica is distinguished from most generic Kush strains by its intense and compelling effects. This strain is definitely not recommended for anyone looking for a subtle high, as it truly has the potential to knock out even the most experienced smokers.

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