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Green Crack – 3 oz for $225 (Sativa)

Due to its heavy sativa content, the effects of this strain are primarily mental. You can expect to feel a warm, cerebral rush on the onset of the high, with a noticeable shift in the way you perceive sensory input. Its THC content is in the average to top end, coming out to be around 24 percent. For this reasons, even experienced users can be met with a metaphorical punch in the face: there’s a reason why Snoop named it Green Crack! Users often describe the high as being uplifting, with many being inspired to be more active or pursue creative tasks. Whether you decide to go out for a hike with your friends or just take a relaxing day off at home, Green Crack is sure to enhance any experience. If you need an added boost of energy or motivation, this strain may be the way to go!

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Cultivated in Georgia back in the 1970s, this powerful strain is a descendant of the well loved Skunk #1. It was originally named “Cush” but once Snoop Dogg coined the name Green Crack, the rest was history. This sativa-dominant strain is known for its potent and energizing high, which is nicely paired with creative activities. It tends to bring about a more positive mental state, with many users reporting that they begin to develop an increased appreciation for their life and their surroundings while under the influence of Green Crack.

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